The Number Twelve youth hub is part of the 40 interventions / solutions our local community has come up with as part of the Waitomo Youth Action Plan under the Social Sector Trial.

The Waitomo Trials focus is really about us working together as a community to support all our youth to have the ideal futures they dream for themselves. For more information on the Waitomo Social Sector Trials click here.

Young people told us they wanted a place where they can get support, information and direction. If we can't help you we will find out who can.

At Number Twelve we:

Run a Learner Driver Licensing every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm. This free support will prepare any youth in the district to sit their Learner license. You don't need a road code, you don't need to make an appointment. You just turn up. When you are ready to sit your license you will need an original birth certificate or passport. The test costs $96.10, talk to us if you need assistance to help pay for your test.
Take registrations of interest for the Restricted Driver training programme.
Have free Wi-Fi, 8 computers with broadband internet to help you with your homework, to apply for your Work and Income or Studylink applications, to develop a CV or to scroll the internet.
Have a boardroom with a data projector for any young people who need a venue to hold meetings or for study groups. Book your meeting in at the Reception desk or email or phone 07 974 7531.
Run a youth mentoring programme for young people who really need help to build up the good things in their life so that they are able to make better choices and have more opportunities to reach their potential. For more information contact Number Twelve.
Run the Integrated Attendance Service (used to be called the Truancy Service) to help every student to attend school.
Run different activities/workshops, check out our activities calendar for upcoming events.
Have our very own Kapa Haka roopu called Tekau ma rua. If you would like to join, contact atu.
Run a fines project to help young people get their fines sorted, register at reception.

To support the development of the Action Plan, the local governance group (for the Waitomo Social Sector Trial) developed a vision, mission, values and strategic goals.

A vibrant, inclusive, unified community that young people are proud to be part of and contribute to. Engage our youth and community through leadership and success using collective knowledge and skills. Trust, cultural awareness, commitment, responsiveness, enjoyment, family values, empowerment and creativity.
  • To foster and encourage our strong sense of community by engaging and empowering families
  • To identify leaders and mentors who can actively engage with young people and families to effect positive change
  • To work together to develop opportunities that allow young people and fmailies tor each their potential
  • To maintain credibility with stakeholders by communicating openly
  • To develop community ownership and responsibility to address locally identified needs

These goals form the overarching strategies which the actions sit under.

Te Kuiti Social Sector Trial Action Plan July 2011 - February 2013 (pdf)
Waitomo Social Sector Trial Action Plan March 2013 - June 2014 (pdf)
Waitomo Social Sector Trial Action Plan July 2014 - June 2015 (pdf)
Waitomo Action Table 2015 - 2016 (pdf)


Our focus...

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Waitomo Social Sector Trials
Waitomo Youth Action Plan
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Steve Rickards
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